Why Together in Lebanon?

The purpose of the meeting is to enable Rotarians worldwide to discover (or rediscover) Lebanon today, and to create new friendship ties with their Lebanese peer. The agenda for this meeting includes touristic activities and Rotarian gatherings. United by the love of Lebanon, what better time and setting for Rotarians and friends to meet and share old experiences while creating new ones! We expect to welcome:

  • Rotarians of Lebanese origin, along with their families and friends.

  • Rotarian friends of Lebanon

  • Rotarians from Districts and Countries members of an ICC with Lebanon

  • Rotarians of clubs twinned with Lebanese clubs

  • Rotarian members of Fellowship and Action Groups that have Lebanese members.


Discover Lebanon

Discover Lebanon.JPG

Experience Lebanon by immersing yourself in its rich cultural and religious heritage, mingling with the Lebanese and exploring various regions.



Benefit from professional networking sessions with fellow Rotarians, visit projects completed in Lebanon and meet locally twinned clubs.

Foster Friendships

foster Friendship.jpg

Strengthen the bond between local Rotarians, their friends and the larger Rotarian community.